Welcome to the future of rodent proofing!

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On this website you will not be entertained with general sweettalking and hot marketing air.

You will be confronted with relevant but tedious B2B information. 

You and your interests

You have come to the right website, if you are

  • a pest management professional (PMP), 
  • a door producer
  • a door service professional (DSP) or
  • a facility management professional (FMP)

and you could be interested in our revolutionary pest and weather proofing device, which

  • can withstand sustained rat attacks, 
  • is based on proven technology,
  • successfully has passed a scientific test performed by an independent and accredited test institution,
  • is extremely durable,
  • can be mounted very easily and fast and therefore is labor and cost saving, and
  • is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 

The rodent proofing device

The device has been invented and developed for rodent proofing (and weatherproofing) doors, but it can also be used for lots of other rodent proofing tasks. 

If you have special requirements, we can tailor a special version for you - e.g. if you produce up and over doors and you want a U-shaped version, which is compatible with your specific doors. 

You can of course get your own logo and trademark on our products.  

Please let us know, if you are interested in a meeting with a live presentation of our products and a constructive discussion about the business opportunities.  

Download slides with thorough product presentations

Click HERE to download a thorough product presentation for PMPs ans FMPs.

Click HERE to download a thorough product presentation for door producers and DSPs.